We hadn’t planned to go to Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival (FAB, geddit?), so when we had an unexpected extra day off, we jumped in the car and headed down for the afternoon. It was a glorious summer’s day and the atmosphere was brilliant. In the two years since we last visited in our boat it has really grown, with more traders than ever. The sunshine made it perfect and it’s always better when things aren’t planned.


This picture sums up the perfect boat gathering, having a chat and a beer with your friends old and new


The King’s Lock pub is at one end of town and where the festival begins


I love how the locals get into the spirit of it, these ladies were obviously enjoying themselves


There were plenty historic boats to keep us happy


It was nice to meet the traders on this boat who we mutually follow on Instagram



Time for tea, I don’t know if this Measham pot is genuine but it’s good to see it being used


Although I didn’t get to say hello, this is the Hippy Boat, traders who recently bought this motor from the couple we bought our workshop butty from The Cut Glass Boat


Great to see crafts men and women at work on their boats


The Big Lock Pub is at the other end of town and is where he festival stops, along with us for a couple of pints…


Music is on in every pub within the whole town and a stage on the playing fields


Having a wander past the Big Lock we saw our previous boat Alternative Therapy moored up on the opposite side. Unfortunately there was no sign of life so we didn’t get to say hello


It was fun watching Balloon Man trying to get into the pub with this on!


Towards the afternoon some of the boats started to leave, making their way to other events during the busy festival season


Pretty much a perfect summer’s day, only to be bettered if we had been there in Mervyn


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