Did I mention we are on HOLIDAY?

After the fantastic Lymm Festival of Transport we travelled for a couple of hours with our cruising companion nb Effingham to moor in Moore overnight. Next morning we headed south through the three tunnels via Anderton where we parted company and onto Middlewich. Our plan is the Four Counties cruising ring in an anti clockwise direction, we did this last year the other way round with the a Macclesfield and Peak Forest thrown in for good measure. This time we might chuck in the Caldon. It has been unseasonably cold but we are on HOLIDAY. We aren’t early risers and love travelling in the early evening when everyone else has moored up  for tea. It’s quieter, you get the cut to yourself and especially on a flight of locks there is no queuing when there’s just you. Yes, all the ‘best’ mooring spots might have been taken but we always find somewhere even if we have to press on until twilight. There’s a magic in sliding into the last spot as the bats start to skim over the water and the owls are calling. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are now around half way through our journey. The internet has been intermittent to say the least and uploading photos has been hard going, so I have decided to add them to one album at the end of each day, which you can access below. I may follow up with a blog or three to add a commentary at some point in the future but for now you can just view our travels in glorious technicolour. Don’t forget to keep checking back for new photos every day for the next week.

Facebook Album


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