Welcome to our blog about life aboard our 62′ narrowboat ‘Mervyn’, a 2009 Tim Tyler tug style with a  traditional style back cabin and engine room housing a Gardner 2LW vintage engine from Walsh Engineering in Manchester.

This blog will mainly be mainly a record of our travels, moorings, everyday life living on a narrowboat on the English canal network in the north of England. Living the dream. Which went something like this…..

We had been liveaboards for a couple of years on our previous boat ‘Alternative Therapy’, a Staniland Cruisers 50′ cruiser stern narrowboat. To start we moored in a marina with weekends cruising and still half living in our house when after an ‘epiphany’ we realised that we could go off on the boat and not come back! So we left the confines and ventured out onto the canal, moving every couple of weeks and thinking that we would just go back in the marina maybe for the winter months. We never went back again.
So, deciding that life on the canals was where we saw ourselves, we took the plunge and bought the boat we had been dreaming of. A couple of years later, with a new rural mooring for over the winter months, we purchased an unpowered 30′ narrowboat ‘butty’ called Persephone which will be used as a glass workshop. Follow The Cut Glass Boat blog here
And no, it isn’t cold on our boat!
Heatons Bridge Mashup