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The Cut Glass Boat

It’s been so good to get back in the workshop, I’m buzzing with ideas and have had a couple of requests which I’ve really enjoyed making. Here are a few of my recent work in progress…

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Fall Back

I really quite like autumn and winter, mornings where the mist hanging above the water while the subdued sun rays dance through the cloudy haze....As you know I take the odd photo now and then and I quite like to use a few effects and filters. This blog post is nothing more than an opportunity…Read more Fall Back

Heading ‘Home’

The time had come to head 'home'. It has been a brilliant summer of adventures for ourselves and our friends, who have bought their first boat home together and acquired an new canine crew member. It was the perfect opportunity to share the journey, the locks and battle the tail end of Storm Brian together.…Read more Heading ‘Home’

Full Steam Ahead

We finally made it onto the River Weaver and it didn't disappoint. After never having the time in previous years, the annual Leigh Arms Steam Party at Acton Bridge was the excuse we needed to get us down the Anderton Lift the week prior. Mooring at Dutton Locks for a beautifully peaceful stay, followed by…Read more Full Steam Ahead

I’ll Be There Now in a Minute

Our second boat holiday of the year was a revisit to the beautiful, rural, peaceful Llangollen canal. It was so busy! In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't really that busy but considering that we thought September would be a quieter time, after the school holidays had finished, we were quite wrong. Luckily for…Read more I’ll Be There Now in a Minute


In the last couple of days, it has definitely been there. Something in the air, a slight dampness in the cooling of the day, water clinging to the cold metal above the water line. Brown leaf curls mixed with the green and a misty haze across the surface of the canal at the start of…Read more Hygge

Tug Services

We have been moored along the Trent & Mersey where it runs close to the River Weaver for a couple of weeks, which has afforded us some beautiful walks and bike rides looping the river and canal. Last weekend I was treated to both the Northwich Regatta and the visiting 1903 steam Tug, The Daniel…Read more Tug Services