Holiday Highlights

I'm resisting the temptation to blog about our recent travels as a chronological timeline of travelling, first we went here, then we went there. To be honest, without looking through the photos I probably couldn't remember anyway. Instead I thought I would think about those moments that really stood out, not necessarily because of anything…Read more Holiday Highlights

Holiday Diary

Did I mention we are on HOLIDAY? After the fantastic Lymm Festival of Transport we travelled for a couple of hours with our cruising companion nb Effingham to moor in Moore overnight. Next morning we headed south through the three tunnels via Anderton where we parted company and onto Middlewich. Our plan is the Four…Read more Holiday Diary


We hadn't planned to go to Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival (FAB, geddit?), so when we had an unexpected extra day off, we jumped in the car and headed down for the afternoon. It was a glorious summer's day and the atmosphere was brilliant. In the two years since we last visited in our boat…Read more FAB


Our travels are finally underway. This is what it's all about, a week here, a week there. We left it far too long before moving this year due to various projects, the workshop butty boat being one that I will be grateful to return to. But for now, I don't need anything except this.  …Read more Travelling