Summer is here!

Well it really seems like after a winter that bypassed spring, summer has well and truly arrived. We have been gradually moving both boats towards Middlewich in preparation for our holiday but it feels like we have been on holiday for the last month with the amazing weather. This is the third year that we…Read more Summer is here!


Festival Season

The Cut Glass Boat

When I first decided to get my trading licence, I didn’t really intend to attend any of the many canal festivals or floating markets that are held around the country. The main reason being that as it is really just a hobby, we can’t travel the distances needed and still commute to work. Apart from the odd ‘pop up shop’ on the towpath in popular villages on our existing routes, it definitely wasn’t on my radar. Until a week ago that is.

A chance encounter with a fellow trader on a canal walk after work a couple of weeks previous (yes, I even go for walks along canals where we aren’t moored!) was a nice opportunity to chat about the ups and downs of trading. When asked if I was attending the upcoming Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival as a trader, I explained my reasons for not doing. This also…

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No, We Haven’t Broken Down!

The journey begins! We have set off from our home mooring and this time we have our floating workshop butty boat in tow. Literally. However, we are not towing her because she has broken down as a few people have commented! A 'butty' doesn't have an engine and is designed to be towed by another…Read more No, We Haven’t Broken Down!

Shameless Plug

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The Cut Glass Boat


I have been absent for a few weeks as I have just been soooo busy! The Cut Glass Boat project is in full swing and I have spent the last month (is it only a month?) since becoming an official roving trader trying to build up a stock, creating new designs, developing my ‘brand’, sorting out how to display the artwork once we start trading from the towpath and signage (courtesy of a very talented friend who is painting some boards for me in a traditional canal style), promoting via social media (I have a Twitter account again!) and replacing the stock I keep selling online- not that I’m complaining!! I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this excited and fired up about something for a long time.

So, down to the nitty gritty, I am now selling my work via the Etsy website and am happy to take…

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Roving the Cut

The Cut Glass Boat

Things may have been a little quiet on the Cut Glass Boat blog but I can assure you that behind the scenes things have been speeding along! Like the proverbial (and appropriate) duck -calm on the surface, legs paddling like hell below!

To be truthful, we have been quiet in some ways, being on our winter mooring has meant less travelling, excepting the trip to the waterpoint or the pump out, it has been nice to be still for a while. It has afforded us the time to get back to projects left over from the spring when we set off last year. Mainly our floating studio, Persephone – The Cut Glass Boat, our 30’ butty narrowboat project. The transition to fully operational glass studio has been slow but I can also reveal that I have been beavering away making glass art wall hangings and suncatchers  in preparation for becoming…

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Year of the Spend

Last year we had intended to have some maintenance done on narrowboat Mervyn, including having the sign writing changed to add our names. Everything had been booked in, the annual leave request, dry dock and importantly, the original sign writer. Travel plans for weeks in advance had been thought through so we would arrive at…Read more Year of the Spend

Production Line

Well, not exactly, but my recent collection inspired by found things has lead to a flurry of activity. I have been eager to get into the workshop, or Robin Factory as it was dubbed the other night, to create. To feel the rush of ideas is the true motivator for any artist, the need for…Read more Production Line