Le Canal

So this year we broke with tradition. We didn't have a holiday on our narrowboat. What?! I hear you cry....no really, we didn't. We went to France. Firstly we had a few nights in the Alps to catch a couple of stages of the Tour de France (or not as the case may be but that…Read more Le Canal


Easter Shenanigans

We have had a fabulous Easter break that has been perfect in every way, including (shock) the weather! After last year's 'beast from the east', the late Easter this time around was almost summer like in temperature. (And who say's climate change isn't real?).  But let's not dwell on that, let me tell you about…Read more Easter Shenanigans

Time to Go

Spring has almost sprung. The little lambs are frolicking in the field next to our mooring and the honesty egg box has reappeared on the towpath. We have been back here for the shortest time yet as we didn't arrive until the beginning of December last year but the lighter nights and threat of more…Read more Time to Go

Bath Time

A bath is not the most practical thing to have on a narrowboat. Firstly there is the available room given to the bathroom, which is usually not much bigger than a standard size bath in it's entirety! Secondly, water. Most boat water tanks are also probably not much bigger than a standard size bath either,…Read more Bath Time

A Good Night’s Sleep

After promising ourselves a new mattress for about five years we have finally got around to it! On our first boat, Alternative Therapy, the bed was a custom made, extendable affair with a memory foam three piece mattress. As comfortable as this was, it was a pain having to fold the bed out and then…Read more A Good Night’s Sleep